Watch 'Beyond Moscow' in 4K on Amazon Prime!

Join us in this unique journey, as we explore history, cuisine, art, culture, and much more through episodes that each highlight a distinguished character of Russia.  Narrated by Camille Theabold.


Watch Cieri Media’s upcoming  Building The 21st Century Toilet that features off-grid solutions that showcase how 21st-century science can turn a sanitation problem into a renewable energy source. 

Gowanus Canal

A group of scientists collect samples from North America’s most polluted water body. They are looking for extremophiles that break down anti biotic compounds.

Voyage Vids

Join Cieri Media as we take you on a voyage through the different parts of world 

Voyage Vids

Join us as we wander the world!


Where do you get the best beer in New York City? Watch Brew York to find out!

Food Truck Foodie

Food Trucks are the best way to taste the best a city has to offer!

Out Here

Watch these Skate Boarders do their stuff!


We Make It Up! You Believe It!

Travel Articles

Join Us As We Explore The World!


Need a little break? Watch a music video or two!


Watch W. J. O’Riley tal to some shakers and movers!


What do some of the great minds in journalism think? Watch, listen and see!


What are some of the top minds in Journalism thinking? Watch and find out!

Redesigning the Sanitation System in Madagascar

Join us as we try a Sovo Taco in beautiful San Miguel, Mexico!

Miniature Mamy is one of the many such places we visited, where Mamy Harivelo Rajamason, creates miniature objects (cars, rickshaws, bicycles etc) made from recycled materials

Brooklyn’s Gowanus Canal History Mini-Documentary

Learn about the Flyers of Papantla in San Miguel de Allende!

A Tour of Kazan with Cieri Media

New York Independent Film Festival

The NYC Indie Film Festival provides a showcase for the best in independent cinema, including short films, feature films, music videos, art videos and animated works.

NYC Short Comedy Film Festival

What makes you laugh? Opposing personalities, bad puns, witty insults, inappropriate bodily functions, dead babies, old people falling down stairs, cats doing people things – we’re open to it all!

NYC Short Documentary Film Festival

The Short Documentary Film Festival will screen films of the genre based in truth, told in style.

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