Cieri Media

A Documentary And Travel Video And Film Production Company.

A Production Company

Cieri Media International Corporation is a documentary and travel video and film production company. We specialize in journalistic documentaries and TV projects focusing on social justice and environmental storytelling.

Past Projects

Beyond Moscow, which featured five undiscovered Russian cities through historical narratives interwoven with modern culture and social allure, has been acquired by Amazon Prime in 2018 as well as by SES, a European TV network broadcasting to over 300 million homes worldwide, in 2017.

What’s in Brooklyn Gowanus Canal?, a mini-documentary for the Hakai Magazine, about rare and unique microbes dwelling in one of the most polluted waterways in North America.

The End of Fair Trade, a short film that investigated how Internet bots force consumers to settle for higher prices based on their perceived ability to pay, which is calculated using personal information gathered on the web.